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Have some peanut butter. Please.

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don't forget the high fructose corn syrup, now with extra mercury for flavor

(Deleted comment)
MY peanut butter comes loaded with it's OWN HFCS thank you very much. I don't need to mix in HFCS, it's already in my peanut butter.

(Frickken' hippies and their peanut butter ground straight from the peanuts.)

Or a bank account. Or a mortgage. Or a retirement account tied to the stock market. Or a desire to visit pristine lands that aren't covered by drills or spilled oil. Or...

Yeah, that deregulation idea has done us a LOT of good over the last 8 years.

Some of us don't care for Big Agriculture, either...

So what's your solution?

The government could stop shoving HFCS down our throats, for one thing.

I had been listening to The Omnivore's Dilemma. The author's discussion of why stockpiling food surplus by the government works and making payments directly to farmers doesn't work made a lot of sense. I'd like to hear any opposing facts.
I'm not sure how to fix it for our nation, but I do think our children are very poorly educated about food and how it is produced. I can change that in my own family. I'm working on meat first; we bought half a steer from a friend's farm, and I would like to raise our own chickens this spring. The venison comes free :) After that, I want to buy vegetables from local farms and freeze them. It's awfully easy to do. The biggest problem is finding a farm that knows how to deal with a customer like me.
Mind you, my recipe won't work for everyone bc not everyone has room for a deep freeze. But a lot of people can know more about where their food comes from and can get it from better sources, skipping middlemen, which benefits farmers. Some of the new trends in food buying (dairy shares, for example) are just cool!
It's kind of a personal issue for me since my grandfather owned a dairy farm in NJ, and my great grandparents had a cider mill and vegetable stand in Livingston. My uncle and aunt now own my grandfather's farm and to some degree farm it (hay I think) although they have 2 farms of their own to manage.


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