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gmail now has off-line mode

And someone from Slate is gaga over it

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Finally, Gmail is getting features from the version of Mulberry I was using ten years ago!

His arguments that "online is better" because you can read your mail in multiple places, and that it'll go away when your drive crashes? "Dear Farhad. There's this thing called 'IMAP'. Look into it."

(I'm not snarking Gmail. I'm glad it's getting this feature. But sheesh, it's not like it's something incredible and unprecedented.)

IMAP has been supported for more than a year. Most media coverage does mention that.

The difference is that if you go up to a friend's computer it's a lot easier to go to than to install an IMAP client, configure it, etc.

Why only a year of download? If you're willing to keep it on your server, you should be more than willing to let me keep it on my desktop...

You can use IMAP for that. Gears is good for a local cache of what you might need while offline. (How many hours do you want the initial download to be, eh?)

I *heart* gmail. I have been addicted since 2004. I'm gaga about that new feature too!

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