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Jack Cafferty on Rush

To come right out and say "I want him to fail," exposes Limbaugh for the petulant, shallow gasbag that he is.
Jack Cafferty

Cafferty has gone from being a-political while a local new anchor (I grew up watching him) to a conservative on cable news, to a progressive when he realized Bush was ruining the war and the country, and now this!

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I agree with your opinion. I also fully support his right to say what he says and just hope fewer people will pay attention him.

There have been too many successful challenges to the 1st Amendment in my lifetime for me to not actively support freedom of speech.


Damn you are defensive.

Rush Limbaugh does have an amazing ability to attract the crazies like a fricken bathtub drain.

That helps validate my theory that "crazy rolls down hill".

I listened to Rush when I was young and stupid. His "ditto" thing really gets at what makes him tick - if you're conservatively inclined and happy to say "hey, yeah! rabble rabble!", he makes a lot of sense. Of course, once you start actually thinking about what he's saying, you realize it's total crap.

It's been interesting to see him become a major mouthpiece for the conservative movement, sort of fox's shadowy sidekick. It's pretty clear that he now gets a lot of memos from the folks controlling conservative strategy.

At this point, I think the best chance of seeing him fade into OcyContin-padded oblivion is to paint him as the relic he is: he represents the old guard of the conservative movement (the one whose core constituency is crazies), the same old guard that just lost across the board; he is explicitly unwilling to disagree without being disagreeable (in this case, he wants skip disagreeing entirely and just be disagreeable); and he's a hypocrite of the worst sort.

That article claims that Republicans usually stand by Rush. My experience is that they play this game of:

-- Rush says something outrageous
-- Republicans distance themselves from the statement
-- Republicans wait half a day (for the next news cycle)
-- Republicans use what Rush says over and over

When Rush got started on TV people I hung out with said "don't worry, it won't affect things". When I asked my "elders" in the activist community "why don't we respond with a liberal version?" they said, 'Oh dear no... Liberals aren't persuaded by rhetoric.'

I'll never forget how wrong that was. Talk Radio isn't about preaching to the converted... it is about providing entertainment that draws in the undecided and converts them.

Sort of like The Daily Show does for liberals.

But Democrats should take notice of what Limbaugh says because he's telling the truth. Republicans want Obama to fail and so he shouldn't try to appease them by watering down legislation in the hopes that they'll vote for it. They won't.

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