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Tombstone Teeth memories

When I was at Drew University (1987-1991) my friend Craig Colbalt had a band called "Tombstone Teeth". He's started putting MP3s of their old music up on MySpace. Listening to them brings back memories.

A lot of his songs seemed to follow a simple formula: take one small thing that happened in his life; write a song about it.

"Moons" -- "It was a warm night. It was a cold night. And she still can't remember what she left in the grass".

"Masterson The Bat" -- Remember Bat Masterson? Of course you don't. We're all too young to remember him. He died in 1921. However, this song is about the time where a bat flew into his house and while they were trying to get it out someone named it "Bat Masterson" as a joke. My favorite memory of this song? Craig singing it in The Commons at (I think) the DUDS talent show. They jammed on it for what seemed like an hour (like bands do with Freebird). A group of women in the back were dancing to the song while standing on a table and, instead of singing "Masterson the bat!" over and over they sang, "Craig's gotta sexybutt!" over and over.

Ah, memories.


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