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(from email from a friend)

I just happened across a set of remarkable PSAs/ads that ran on California TV stations on inauguration day, this past Tuesday:

These are what the No On 8 Campaign SHOULD have done in the first place. I'm not sure how effective they are now, considering that the supreme court lives in D.C. and these run in California, but I do believe it is important that the message gets out.

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I've always said this. The ads for the "No on 8" campaign in California were just faceless voice overs. The ads for "Yes on 8" had a little girl running to her mommy and daddy with a "pro gay" book. The response was another voice over.

Eventually the "No on 8" campaign started having the Minister of Education, er, whatever that title is.. and then Senator Dianne Feinstein, about how those "Yes on 8" ads were lies, and why Proposition 8 was a bad thing.

Finally, near the end, there was a "Samuel L. Jackson" voice over, with images of Japanese Concentration camps, and other "Bad things in California" and why Proposition 8 was another "Bad thing"...

If you were a member of the choir, as it is, the ads were fine. But what the ads didn't show were REAL families, with REAL children who were going to be affected by Prop. 8. They never put a human face, or a child's face, to it.

It made it easy for the "Yes on 8" campaign to protest against the evil-demon-homosexuals, because all We had was an ominous voice about why Proposition 8 was bad. But we didn't have a happy lesbian family with their 2 children, who would lose the protection that marriage would give them. Or the gay couple, with children, who could have problems getting them timely medical help because Proposition 8 would dissolve their marriage, and make it difficult for one of the parents to help make decisions... or any realistic scenario...

Anyway... yeah.

I like them!

(I would have liked, well, a few more of childless couples, and especially one of an elderly couple who've been together forever...)

I like them, but they are totally NOT the commercials should have been run for No on 8. No fucking way. They are *exactly* the soft, feel-good, no-emotional-impact commercials that cost us the election in the first place. They are designed to pander to the people who are already on our side, and don't work for other groups.

Bah. Yuck. We can do better.

Agreed. This is "enrollment" with no "call to action".

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