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How I Made a 1,474-Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural Address

The web page lets you scroll around and zoom in. You can zoom in so far that it is easy to see Yo Yo Ma taking a picture with his iPhone.

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Since catbear got in fairly early on Gigapan's beta program, I've known how cool their robot and software are for a while. It can do panaromas up to 360 degrees and has enough vertical freedom to get pretty close to a spherical image.

These are a hobby of mine and I did look at the Gigapan. "Expensive couple of computer-controlled stepper motors, with a mounting system that can't get the right location on most cameras" was my thought. I doubt it is much faster than a proper panoramic head either.

See Hugin for open source software that does what theirs does.

If by "expensive" you mean "a few hundred bucks", by "most cameras" you mean "DSLRs", and if you can set up, with a "proper" panoramic head, a 120 shot panorama, push a button, walk away and come back 10 minutes later with 120 blur-free, perfectly aligned shots" then I am very impressed with your telekinetic competency -- and agree with you completely.

I'm happy with it, and so are my customers. Would be happy to answer any questions rooted in facts rather than FUD.

That is freakin' awesome!

My favorite part is seeing what each person is doing in THAT moment in time.
But the best part for me was The President's Own Marine Band. Seeing the music they were playing, and being able to read some of it!

Very cool! You always point us to the neatest things!

And if you zoom in on Cheney, he looks like the very embodiment of evil (and Bush, of petulance).

he's not with the marine band, so where is he?

To the left of the lamp post to the left of the red-draped archway on the top tier.

what's he doing up there? sheesh. I zoomed in on Aretha's hat and figured he'd be nearby.

Sitting with the rest of the premier musicians!

I especially love the gunmen on the roof of one of the buildings.

The what, you say?

Zoom in on the upper right corner of the long building in the background - the one just to the left of the riser in the main picture. As you get closer, you'll see four shadows rising off the top of the building. Two are sitting down, one looks like he's relieving himself, and one is certainly facing the stage.

I'm sure they're secret service, although why one has a green armband, I don't know.

That's awesome, good catch.

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