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Strategic WIN

The first time I flew to Australia there was a delayed plane that made me end up missing my connection from SFO to Sydney (I usually fly EWR -> LAXorSFO -> SYD -> final_destination). After that I always planned an extra long layover in California just in case.

Last time it didn't pay off. All I had was a lonely boring time in LAX.

Today I got to LAX and checked in to find that the plane that would take us to SYD hasn't arrived yet and is expected to be very late. However, I was early enough to LAX that they've able to put me on an earlier flight.

Not only will I get to SYD a few hours early, but the plane is one of the new Double-Decker Airbus planes. I hear it is quite luxurious.

Finally my strategy pays off!

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how long will you be there?

I am getting to sydney on feb 6.

I leave on Saturday. It's a short trip due to being needed home soon after for a lot of work stuff.

Please have a wonderful trip.

I would love to work in Australia, so if you come across and job openings for a senior Linux sysadmin with HPC experience, please let me know.

I can higly recommend the Enterpise hotel in Melbourne. It was inexpensive and quite comfortable while being in an excellent location. Wonderful tram system as well.

Since I am currently in Texas, please let me know the next time your travels take you to Austin, Houston or College Station


(don't take that too offensively, I'm just poking fun at you. It would be nice to see it live but I have another 400 book pages to finalize by Jan 26th (technically the deadline is Jan 30th) . . . so if it makes you feel any better I probably won't see it until after you have!)

(Deleted comment)
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