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Missing Obama's Inauguration (blatant plea for sympathy)

I'll be missing the Inauguration because I'm speaking at a conference next week. If I wake up to see the inauguration live, I won't have gotten any sleep for the biggest talk I've ever given. Waaaahhhhh.

Luckily I have my Tivo set up to record it. When I get back I'll have a zillion hours of TV to catch up on.

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Sleep lots beforehand and start the talk with an explanation that if you randomly forget what you're talking about, it's because of the inauguration. Not a person in the world who wouldn't understand that.

I would, but this isn't a usual talk. I'm the conference keynote and they deserve a good performance. Also, I've put a LOT of work into this presentation (including getting external help) so I personally want it to go well.

On the other hand, if experience is any barometer, I will wake up around 4am anyway due to the time shift and be able to watch it on TV anyway :)

You're getting to go to AU... I'm a bit short on sympathy for you. :}

This looks more like an Imprerial Coronation than the inauguration of a president of a country in deep financial trouble. How much money is being wasted on this party? What's the point?

That's too bad... but take care of yourself first and you can watch it later.


Well... I was supposed to play in the GLBT combined band for the inauguration, and march int he parade, but couldn't take the time off for rehearsals or afford it this time around. :P

Where's my pity? (Just kidding BTW...)

Thank Jeebus for TiVo, huh?

Good luck on your talk, and at least technology will allow you to savor it afterwards...

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