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I hate when I can't remember where I hear things

I’ve been watching/listening to so many TED.COM and Pop!Tech podcasts that I can’t remember where I heard what. This is a pain when I want to footnote a source.

For example... SOMEWHERE someone mentioned that early Edison electric subway (maybe trolley or train) cars would buzz and vibrate due to build-up of electric charge, and anyone that didn’t jump off the train at the right time would get a shock. That is, when passengers heard the buzzing get particularly loud this was the signal to jump from the train or get risk getting killed. People “just got used to it” and it wasn’t until later subway designs eliminated this problem that people realized, “oh, it doesn’t need to be that way” (sort of like how someone that lives with chronic pain suddenly is cured, they say things like, “I forgot what a normal life was like”).

Sadly, I can’t find references to any of that being true about Edison’s electronic transportation systems.

Maybe it was in “The Big Switch”?


P.S. If you know who made this claim about Edison’s transportation system PLEASE let me know ASAP.

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Off-duty librarian-ing

The closest thing I can find doing a quick search was this: (look at the last paragraph)

The right way to avoid this electrical problem is of course to employ steam.

This story, while an interesting example of people putting up with potentially deadly circumstances needing to be actively avoided in daily life (which happens all the time), sounds totally bogus to me, though I suppose it might merely be extremely distorted.

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