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Access Google via IPv6!

[ Ignore this if you aren't a networking geek ]

Read my blog post about it...

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What about the case where the ISP supports IPv6, but the customer does not have IPv6 configured on their connection? The ISP's caching server will have both the AAAA and the A records because the ISP supports IPv6 but the customer still has the same reachability issue because they have chosen not to enable IPv6 on their circuit.

At that point it becomes something the ISP can deal with easily, possibly by helping them set up IPv6 at home or walking them through setting options on their PC so that the computer does the right thing. It is a rare condition (specific Windows patch levels, I think... but don't quote me on that).

Whee. Speakeasy had been all "IPv6 coming next year" for years, but I haven't even heard that much since the Best Buy acquisition (and honestly don't expect it, either). *sigh*

Best Buy bought Speakeasy? I thought that was a bad dream I had.

I wish it were. (OTOH, they're offering "business Ethernet" 3Mb/s symmetrical service fairly cheaply right now...tempting.)

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