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How much money can someone make from being a fraud?

The author of, "What if Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?" claimed that AIDS doesn't exist and claimed that she doesn't have AIDS. She has just died. Of AIDS.

Maggiore, 52, was founder of Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, a nonprofit that challenges "common assumptions" about AIDS. Her group's website and toll-free hotline cater to expectant HIV-positive mothers who shun AIDS medications, want to breast-feed their babies and seek to meet others of like mind.

via "Joe. My. God."

Oh, and if you think, "But people like that only harm themselves" please remember that these people testify before legislatures to rally for defunding AIDS research and treatment.

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Also, keep in mind her very own daughter, EJ, died of AIDS complications after Maggiore refused to take AZT during pregnancy, insisted on breast feeding, and refused to have the child tested or treated for AIDS. (How she did not go to jail for this I'll never know.)

Although at least you can say she wasn't a hypocrite: she may have been counseling other HIV+ mothers to kill their children via denial, but she also killed her own.

The sad thing is that her site will keep getting people on it and her book will keep selling. Sometimes it is easier to deny the truth than admit you have a life-limiting (and likely life-ending) disease.

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