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Captchas are getting more and more difficult in an arms race against botnets. It seems that lately I have trouble doing them.

1. Is this proof that I am a bot?

2. OMG we have to invent something better than a captcha. SOON!

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Is this proof that I am a bot?

If so, we definitely need to play a game of this sometime, just so that I can call you a frakkin' toaster.

I have a lot of trouble with the visual captchas. i'm not sure why, last I checked I wasn't a bot. I suspect it's my bad spatial recognition (I'm bad at visualizing what something will look like rotated, etc).

You're not a bot. They're getting less and less legible. I've hit some that I swear were done by my three-year-old daughter using a charcoal briquet, where I had to resort to the audio alternate.

(Deleted comment)
After the Rapture we'll have no need for passwords :)

I guess a bot that is better than a human at reading captchas will have passed the Turing test?

Voight-Kampff tests all round!

ooh, can stay at home moms with good spatial skills and not much else now get work as being convincingly human?

and, um, are the captchas being created by bots? they might lock us all out eventually...

I read a while back that some spammers were pulling captcha images, posting them on free porn sites to be solved by porn seekers, and then using the answers to log in. It seemed to me like a pretty awesome form of distributed artificial intelligence.

A friend of mine wrote an anti-bot program for his Movable Type-based blog a few years ago. It's based on asking questions that need a typed-in answer to post. I suppose a bot could cache all the questions, but with a big enough question base and some randomization, I could see it being pretty powerful. It's a neat proof-of-concept at the very least.

that's very cool

I saw one where you were asked what animal was in the picture (and there were dozens or hundreds of possible animals) but I can't remember where that was. Seemed effective. Your friend's addresses those with special needs, like the blind. The animal picture one, sadly, doesn't.

1) yes. I am also a bot. This is not the first evidence. I have often been accused of being a bot, particurarly in IRC channels. I can't decipher most Captchas for shit and often have to reload several times to get one I can read or go to the audio version if there is one

2) YES!!!!

Sadly(?), is down, it did a pretty good job of verifying humanity, though it was the only captcha I've seen that made me feel a little guilty.

(Gawker story on

Something better (ok, probably not for many reasons):
Requiring 2 cents of mechanical turk work to be done would not only verify humanity, but would also generate revenue for the website!

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