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Statistics I made up

There is a new campaign telling parents to lock up their prescription drugs because kids are taking them and getting high.
  • Number of children prevented from abusing drugs this way: 1
  • Number of children who saw the advert and responded, “OMG! I can get high on my parents drugs?” and went to experiment: zillions
  • Number of pharma companies ecstatic over the potential new market: 100%

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Bravo. Well said! Calling attention to this stuff causes more trouble than keeping your mouth shut. A few years ago, The "World's Largest Adult Bookstore" opened in Nashville. All the local TV stations had big stories on the evening news about the christians protesting the opening. That is how I found out about the place and spent many happy hours shopping there afterwards. Thanks christians! I never would have found the place without you...

Yah, all the pickets of "Last Temptation of Christ" was what got me to watch the movie and begin my Scorsese fandom. :)

HA! We just had a new adult store open in our area and I'd never have known about it if not for the thumpers saying they'd protest it. I spent some time there shopping and chatting with the owners. :->

A few establishments of either that type or sorts that are considered to be very similar by the opponents (topless bars or coffee shops) mostly gained advertising for the constant media attention to the protests in my previous location.

One actually scored a prime location because the town bungled a law restricting where they could be located. They tried to interpret it in a way that would prohibit such establishments in any area where the zoning otherwise allowed them (i.e. zoned commercial) when one located a property that met the requirement - the property was landlocked but they were able to negotiate an easement with a neighbor, and the town decided that meant the property through which the easement passed had to be clear as well. The town's attempts to fight it generated free press for weeks.

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Number of kids who experiment with dad's Vioxx stash and have heart attacks as a result?

Number of teenagers who will quit stopping by to visit Grandma and cheer her up every week because they can't scam offa her OxyContin anymore? *heh*

I read the article in "U.S. Snooze" the other day (don't ask), and my favorite statistic is the one that says in 2007, kids whose first recreational drug experience was marijuana were, for the first time, outnumbered by kids whose first high was an opiate.

Thanks, Drug War!

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On Wikipedia, this is known as "Don't stuff beans up your nose", that is, don't give examples of bad stuff not to do that people may not have thought of yet.

/me starts pulling beans out of nose


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