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Crowdsourcing meets Dieting?

Do any web-based calorie counting systems permit users to enter new food items and or recipes? It seems like the best way to make sure that the food database is up to date is to let people enter new items, let others validate the data, etc. I mean, if McDonalds has a new product, isn't the fastest way to get that product into the database via crowdsourcing? Is anyone doing that? Is anyone doing that AND has an iPhone app for calorie counting?

  • 1 ! I use it on a regular basis. It has a iphone application. You can enter your own recipes and also share them to everyone. It has lots restaurants already entered by other people.

er :)

spark diet lets you add new stuff

Friend of mine swears by sparkpeople.

I like for finding and entering recipes, and searching by ingredient and dietary type and lots of other things... and they do nutritional analyses on the recipes.

Re: SparkPeople works well.

Does it have the database IN the phone?

I started using's product today and mid-day when I tried to eat something in the subway I couldn't enter it. "Network not found". Ugh. *sad clown*

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