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Clinton as Sec of State

Brilliant! Gets her out of the senate where she would derail the healthcare reform. (maybe not intentionaly... But she'd be a lightning rod for the right)

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Hi Mr. Ahmadinejad. I'm Secretary Clinton. You may remember me from the primary debate where I said it would be "irresponsible and naive" to meet with you. If it were up to me your country would be a parking lot, but my boss says I have to be polite.

I'm sure she'll do great. let's put her in charge of foreign policy?

Seriously, why did I give rather a lot of money to Barack Obama during the primaries? It wasn't because I thought his health care plan was in some critical way better than Hillary's. It was because I believed he had a substantially less stupid foreign policy than she did.

I'm feeling a little underwhelmed.

SecState doesn't make foreign policy in a vacuum. If she doesn't hew closely enough to Obama's program, whatever that might be, he can "regretfully" accept her "resignation".

Frankly, I don't see the upside in this deal for Clinton. I don't understand why she wouldn't rather stay in the Senate for 8 more years, then make another run at the Presidency. Jumping from Senate to President seems more likely than from SecState to President.

She's young enough that she could, but she's been talking about it like she wouldn't.

She'll be able to do human rights stuff, but will have to take direction from Obama on actual strategy. I'm more happy that it takes her far away from Washington D.C. more than any other member of the government.

Since, as Jon Stewart points out, foreign policy was the one area where Obama and Clinton differed substantially during the primary campaign, why does this appointment make sense?

It gets her out of the senate where anything she touches becomes Limbaugh fodder.

She has a passion for international women's rights issues, so she can't really turn this down.

As far as military policy, etc. the sec of state has to do two things: Enforce the president's foreign policy and manage the diplomatic corps. Sadly Rice pissed off the diplomatic corp because she had no experience with people management. Neither does Clinton, but my hope is that Clinton will have her first in command actually manage the state department so that she can spend all of her time on international issues.

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