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The president's economic team

In 5 minutes, this article makes you an expert on Obama’s Economic Team. Finally I understand the difference between “Secretary of the Treasury” and “National Economic Council”.

When Obama becomes President January 20, 2009, he will become the boss of 15 executive departments. Together with the Vice President, each of those 15 department heads (called ‘Secretaries’) constitute the President’s cabinet.

What do these appointees suggest about President Obama?
Christina Romer: Her appointment suggests President Obama is looking deeply at the policies of FDR as a blue print for dealing with the economic crisis.

Tim Geithner: His appointment suggests President Obama is trying to reassure the financial markets with a very pro-business liberal appointee.

Larry Summers: A controversial figure with expertise in public financing, Summer’s appointment suggests President Obama’s early economic agenda will be very aggressive.

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The Larry Summers choice was brilliant. He's a former Harvard president whose job it was to convince some of the greediest people on earth to give millions of dollars to an organization that already has billions. He will be perfect for the job.

"pro-business liberal." That has a nice ring to it. Hmm--yes, I'm going to have to get used to hearing such words used together.

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