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Walking to the train

It usually takes me 13-15 minutes to walk to the train. Today I did it in under 10 minutes and I wasn’t hardly trying.

As I was leaving I realized I was late and only had 10 minutes to get across town to the train station. I didn’t go particularly fast because I didn’t think I could make it in 10 minutes and would have to wait for the next train. The next train leaves the station only 10 minutes later but goes to Hoboken/PATH which amazingly enough gets me to work 45 minutes later than the train I prefer to take.

However, for some strange reason when I was 3-4 blocks from the station my iPhone said I had 3 minutes to go. How did that happen? No idea. Anyway... I ran the remaining blocks and go there just in time.

As a result, I was in the city either “on time” or “45 minutes earlier than expected” (depending on how you think about it). So, I used that “extra” time to get a haircut. First haircut in 2 months. I was looking like a hermit.

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I was looking like a hermit

I don't believe you, you short-haired weirdo freak.

Ok, I was a 0.3 jb but usually I'm a 0.1 jb so, go figure :-)

"I wasn’t hardly trying."

So, you were REALLY trying then? :)

You didn't look very hermitic when I last saw you (but I believe you were *feeling* hermitic!)

Speaking of trains, I was at the CC Dems Central committee meeting last night, and they announced the probable Inauguration balls for Marylanders. They're going to try to rent Union Station for one gala, and hire a train to bring folks down from Baltimore. All the cars will have bars, I'm sure. Sounds practical and possibly 30's romantic, but will be trop, trop cher ($$$$).

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