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WSJ: How Detroit Drove Into a Ditch

Tis was written by the father of a co-worker of mine.

In all this lies a tale of hubris, missed opportunities, disastrous decisions and flawed leadership of almost biblical proportions. In fact, for the last 30 years Detroit has gone astray, repented, gone astray and repented again in a cycle not unlike the Israelites in the Book of Exodus.

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There will be no bailout this year. More than anything else, the Republicans want to bust the UAW. Bankrupting the auto companies is their best shot to do so. That said, the people who run the "big 3" need to DIAF and don't deserve a government action that will keep them in charge.

No one should be surprised that the WSJ (Fox News for the rich) is doing what they can to make sure that happens.

The Journal's opinion page has long been awful. You might think "for the rich" would mean at least a slightly greater commitment to honest arguments, albeit for malthusian causes. But it hasn't meant that. At times, they've made talk radio seem honest in comparison.

But the articles have generally been fair, and even the choices of what to report on haven't, I think, been driven by ideology. Perhaps that's changing, not that Murdoch bought them. Certainly there were concerns that it would change, as Murdoch was buying them. But so far, I haven't heard that things have actually deteriorated and I only read the paper a couple of times per year, so I can't judge for myself.

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