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Top 500 supercomputer website flooded released their new Top 500 Supercomputers list. So many people wanted to see who the new leader is that the web site got flooded.

Gosh, if only they had used a more powerful computer. If only there was a list of such things that they could reference. I dunno where they might find such a thing, but someone should really put together a list like that. It would have all sorts of uses!

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All together now:

There's a hole bit bucket, Mariah, Mariah...

Cute, but isn't it usually a bandwidth limitation, not a computing power thing?

Today's typical web sites tend to be RAM or database limited.

Running off of a supercomputer would likely help.

However, it would probably be more cost effective to tweak some apache variables and optimize the DB. :)

It wasn't me, I was at Supercomputing '08 all day.

(Deleted comment)
reminds me of my time in stupidcomputing -- $35M for a super fast whiz bang computer? sure. Desk top boxes? Buy them from discount online stores!


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