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Sigh. If only it has a good editor in it.

(overhear at LISA 2008)

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Well, it can do vi, and a little edt/tpu, but I guess what it really needs is an ed(1) mode.

The first time I heard that was something like, "EMACS would qualify as a complete operating system except it lacks a decent text editor."

Don't like it don't use it.

I'm pretty sure it had something along the lines of:

Emacs-- Nice operating system. Sigh. If only it had a good editor.

As I think I was standing there at the time- :)

Something like that. The focus was making fun of it as an editor, and how it's used for everything not-an-editor would be used for.

Like sending mail to a daemon to use wget to fetch a web page and mail it to him ;)

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