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Understanding Godwin's Law (FAQ)

Question: What is Godwin's Law?

Answer: Oh yeah? You know who else didn't know Godwin's Law? THE NAZIS!

(End of useful discussion on the topic)

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i just tried to explain that to my bf last night.

Some people are nazi's and deserved to be called Nazi's.

That's not what Godwin's law is about.

This is true. From what I understand? Godwin's Law is when an argument gets heated and someone call the person a Nazi. People of all political orientation's invoke it. It is not exclusive to lefties. I think I heard Bill O RLY and Slant Head Hannity use it.

You know, only someone as soulless as Adolf Hitler would invoke Godwin's Law.

yesthattom wrote:


*insert insult of improper word use here*

*insert some trolling remarks here*

*insert strawman here*

*insert ad-hominem attack here*

*insert 900 line .signature here*

Mmmm, the Story of Eit...

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