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My new book: The Complete April Fools' RFCs

The Complete April Fools' RFCs book coverSurprise! I’ve released a new book. You can read the full announcement here.

This one is a humor book for geeks. The perfect gift for the IT worker, system administrator, network administrator, or software developer that you love.

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Hey, gmail gave me an ad for this book a day or two ago...I sort of wondered if your name was the keyword it picked up on.

it did? wow! You didn't happen to save a screen-shot did ya?

Ah, I see what happened -- I got an email from Amazon announcing the book, but I send Amazon mail straight to archive.

I didn't manage to order this yesterday because I got distracted by the kids, and now that I've had a chance to tell John about the book, he thinks what we really need is a signed copy. Would you be willing to send me a signed copy if I paypal you the cost of the book plus shipping? :-)

Sure! Or have it shipped to yourself and that'll be more of an incentive to come visit. During quietchris's Spring break we plan on coming to the D.C. area.

Excellent. :-)

I ordered the book. So when are you coming to DC?

How freaky! I just sent you email about visiting on April 21st.

I mean Sunday, April 22nd.

Coolness! God bless public-domain text. :)

Hey, did I ever tell you I went to high school with Peter's daughter?

Yeah, Emily used to be suspoidal, or at least generic fandom; I think I remember hanging with her at the first or second Arisia... Where's she got to these days? I think last I heard she was in Ohio, but that was probably a decade ago...

Your webpage needs a "see" not a "seen" in close proximation to the coffee table.

But, that said, a neat book idea!

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