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Global Warming

You know how when climate crisis deniers say things like, "look!  it's snowing!  obviously global warming is a hoax!" and people like me rush to point out, "Hey, there's a difference between WEATHER and CLIMATE!"

Well here in New Jersey its 70 degrees out and Christmas is only a few days away.  When we see relatives this holiday season I'm going to use every opportunity to say, "Gosh, it is Christmas and its 70 degrees out!  Global Warming must be real!" and if anyone starts to clarify that there's a difference between weather and climate I'm going to just say...

Suggestions?   I have no idea what I'm going to say.


Being an adult is difficult

It is frequently very difficult for me to say "no" to people.  This week I said "no" twice in situations where it would have been easy to say "yes" and then have my life fucked up as a result.

Go me.