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Those poor, poor, misguided google employees

When I was at Google I complained that Google Drive was unsearchable and, to be honest, I was sick and tired of friends emailing me snarky comments like, "I can never mind anything in Google Drive!  If only this product was made by a company that knew something about search!"

The reply that I got from the product manager was that the average Google Drive user has less than 80 documents.

My reply was to explain to them that 'average' is not as useful in this situation was 'median" is.

This is where you can insert a joke about them wanting to send me their standard reply, but they couldn't find it.


Now that I don't work at Google, nearly every week (and often every day of the week) a coworker complains to me about how frustrating it is that they can't find the doc they need in Google Docs.  They think it is hilarious to bring such complaints to me, often in public forums.

So today I was shocked when my RSS reader brought me this headline:
"Better search experience in Google Drive"

I feel sorry for the develoeprs that wasted their time improving Google Docs search. How does it feel to be writing code that solves a problem that doesn't exist?

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I bookmark certain docs and bypass the Google Drive interface as much as possible. I'm not sure it would work for all docs.

Freaking finally. I hate searching for docs in my Google Drive!

This. I can't even find the DOCUMENT I want, never mind the contents thereof.

It looks like they've just brought what little options there are on the web to the mobile apps :-(

Earlier this week I was giving feedback about Google Apps to some Product Managers at Google, and managed to lament the hard limit of 25 users in Google Hangouts. They rolled their eyes and sighed and mumbled about some of the work-arounds they had developed to cope with the inflexible and arbitrary limitation. Helps a paying customer not to take some of the random big-company buggery too personally. :)

... more money for Zoom, anyway.

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