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Political prediction: How Romney can still win

All the republican money will come like a waterfall for the next 30 days, pummeling Obama so hard that the campaign won't be able to react fast enough.  Crazy fucked up stuff on TV, radio, flyers on the street.

The day before any debate they'll come up with some fucked up crazy claim so that the debate becomes a discussion of the new lie instead of policy (When Romney is honest about his policies, he loses votes).

Democrats will stay home because they figure Obama has it "in the bag".

Romney will win by 1% in just enough states to put him over the top.

So this is what I ask of you:

Think about how you will feel the day after the election when Romney has won.  What will you be saying to yourself? "I wish I had volunteered to go door-to-door" or  "I wish I had donated $X dollars" or something like that?

Ok, go and do that thing.  Now.

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I still think the Fox commentators are pummeling the difference between polled voters and likely voters because some not insubstantial number will discover they can't vote when they get to the polls. How many people are proactive enough to make sure everything's OK now (or better yet last month)?

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