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Zimmerman attorneys say that Treyvon wasn't shot because he is black or wearing a hoodie but because Treyvon made the mistake of smacking Zimmerman in the face so hard he broke his nose.


That's only half the story. Yes, he absolutely made that mistake but he also made another mistake. He made the mistake of breaking the nose of someone who has super magical powers and is able to go from broken nose bleeding all over the place to absolutely fine in only a few minutes. The fact that he Treyvon picked on someone with magical blood that disappears and doesn't stain clothing is a huge mistake on Treyvon's part.

And how do we know Zimmerman has magical healing ability?

Because the police video a few minutes later showed no such injury:


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I think this is the point that many stories miss

There's been an awful lot of kerfuffle about Florida's gun laws, and duty to retreat, but none of it makes a whit of difference.

Either (A) Martin attacked Zimmerman and he fired in self-defense or (B) he did not. It should be up to a grand jury and then a trial jury to decide, but regardless of whether A or B is the truth the convolutions of the FL gun laws are irrelevant.

Separately, I'm not sure whether Zimmerman could be charged with other crimes or misdemeanors for ignoring police instructions; ianal.

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