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Only forward this to friends that may be sick in the future.

One of the best parts of Obamacare is that health insurance companies can no longer reject you because of "pre-existing conditions". Did you have an auto accident 10 years ago? No healthcare for you. Did you buy allergy medicine once? No coverage for you. Did you (or your wife/girlfriend/mother) have a baby or see a doctor about her cycle? Some companies use that as an excuse to deny coverage.

What is it like to be denied coverage? Sometimes it means that you can't even become their customer. Other times it means you've just got some live-saving surgery and when the bill comes your insurance provider replies, "hey, I know you've been paying your monthly bill on time but we just realized you have a pre-existing condition so.... f--- you we've decided not to pay."

This is no longer legal due to Obamacare.

Romeny and Santorum both promise to repeal 100% of Obamacare. Really? They're going to remove this part too? Up to half of Americans under 65 and as many as 17 million children suffer from a pre-existing condition. That means your parents plus your children, nieces or nephews will be hurt by a repeal.

If you care about this issue please forward this link to your friends that are undecided about voting for Romney and/or Santorum.