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Jungle Brothers -- Because I Got It Like That, 1988


Used to be a player, couldn't be trusted
But still in all, I never got busted
A girl in every part of New York City
I thought it was funny, it used to look witty
I had 'em all spread out, even one next door
I had it like that, so what ya askin' for?
4 to 5, you see, was my minimum
And every day, I used to go and get with 'em
One for every hour on the hour
One on the way while I was in the shower
It sounds kinda crazy, it sounds kinda bugged
But you see, Afrika was the one they loved
So you see, it got to a point
where they didn't care
They didn't wanna give me up,
so they agreed to share

1988: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3NRDyuQUWQ

1998: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mDRdsvwEVU

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why'd fatboy slim ruin the tune?

My point was to show off that particular verse, which has a "poly on acid" feel to it. ;-)

(I though his remix was great... one problem with the original is that it is too slow. His fast version seems just about right for hip hop of this decade)

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