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Mit Romney would have done none of these things, and will reverse most of them when elected.

He appointed a magnificent Secretary of State, killed Osama Bin Laden, decimated the top ranks of Al-Qaeda, ended the war in Iraq, brought all those troops home as he said he would, set a timetable to end the war in Afghanistan, helped to inspire the Arab Spring, led the world in toppling Qaddafi – rather more cost-effectively than his predecessor toppled Saddam – restored America's standing among the community of nations, signed the new START Treaty, was pictured on the cover of New York Magazine as “The First Jewish President” yet improved our standing with Muslims.

He sextupled the number of stem cell lines available to researchers whose work may one day save your child’s life, appointed the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer, averted depression, saved the auto industry, cut taxes for small businesses, cut taxes for the middle class, signed Dodd-Frank, signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, lifted the Global Gag Rule on family planning, removed the co-pay for contraception, appointed two progressive women to the Supreme Court, extended health insurance to tens of millions of Americans an estimated 45,000 of whom were dying each year for lack of it, paid for that additional coverage with a surtax on high-income individuals, doubled the CAFE standard, kick-started alternative energy technology, promulgated the first mercury/arsenic air pollution regulations; launched an educational ‘race to the top,’ ended the college-loan bank boondoggle, extended college affordability, launched the serve.gov national database of volunteer opportunities, launched recovery.gov to disclose Recovery Act outlays and accept public reports of fraud or waste, advanced LGBT equality 71 different ways, has us poised to cut the military budget, ramped up regulation of credit cards, ramped up FDA authority over tobacco, launched the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, opened the White House visitor log to public scrutiny, refused all federal lobbyist and PAC money . . . all this, and more, in the face of the most truculent opposition in living memory that kept us from accomplishing even more with less compromise.