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Review: Wonderland

C and I saw "Wonderland" on broadway last night with her mom. It was fantastic. It had a lot of good laughs, a lot of funny references to other shows and current events and had a great "mother/daughter theme" that made is accidentally a great ticket for Mother's Day.

The concept is that a woman named Alice, who lives in New York (Queens, to be specific) finds herself in Wonderland. They've been waiting for her for 2 centuries.  She has to save her daughter.  All the characters from the book are there, but waaay more campy.

My favorite joke?

They're invited to a big party.  
Someone describes the people as being irrational and "hating everything but has no idea what to replace it with".
Alice asks, "What's is it called?"
Someone responds, "The Tea Party"

I nearly fell out of my chair.

We got the tickets same-day at TKTS.  I really hadn't heard of this show before.  It just opened and it isn't getting a lot of attention.