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Oscar Trivia

Not to brag, but I've now seen all the "Best Picture" nominees except The Kings Speech (which I hope to see next week... better late than never!)

Here's some trivia I've come up with:

1. Which of the 10 "Best Picture" nominees involve at least one arm being cut off? (Hint: there are 4)

2. The moral of "The Fighter" and "Black Swan" are basically the same. What is it?

3. Which of the 10 "Best Picture" nominees have women crossdressing (i.e. a female dresses as a man).

4. Which of the 10 "Best Picture" nominees have male crossdressing (i.e. a man poses as a woman).

5. Which of the 10 "Best Picture" nominees had bisexual characters?

6. Which of the 10 "Best Picture" nominees had a brief clip of 1970's gay porn?

7. Which of the 10 "Best Picture" nominees have gay themes?


1. The four are:
  1. 127 Hours (no surprise)
  2. True Grit (at the end)
  3. Winter's Bone (two in one scene!)
  4. Toy Story 3 (the potato heads)
2. Your mother is holding you back. You can't be a success until you stop listening to your controlling mother.

3. True Grit (duh!) and Toy Story 3 (Barbie dresses as Ken)

4. Inception

5.  Three:
  • The Kids Are All Right (Julianne Moore's character)
  • Black Swan (it was a dream... maybe)
  • Inception (well, I can hope but Leo doesn't return my calls)
6. The Kids Are All Right (little known fact: lesbians that came out in the 1980s watch a lot of man-on-man porn)

7. They all did. This is Hollywood and we're here to corrupt your morals, convert your children, and bring porn into your living room. If you said, "All the nominees except The Kids Are All Right" you get half credit since that movie wouldn't turn anyone gay.

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7. Buh? What was the gay theme in King's Speech?

He hasn't watched it yet, so my guess is the questions really should be "of the *9* I have seen...." ??

Oh come on.... "speech" is obviously a metaphor for losing one's gay... um... virginity. Yeah, thats the ticket!

Well, given the elaborate costumes most kings wear, they gotta be gay, right?

Wait... much better answer:

"Two guys doing anything together is automatically: GAAAY!"

(Obviously I'm being sarcastic here)

Which of them passed the Bechdel test?

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