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Crash space in SF?

Anyone got a couch or spare bed next week? (Monday thru Thurs)

Will trade: free time management consulting :-)

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If you don't find anyone, let's coordinate - I will be in SF, arriving SFO Mon 1:30 pm local time. Tue and Wed I'm in the south valley, Santa Clara and Palo Alto, but Thu I'm back in SF, and I leave Friday at 4 pm.

I may have crash space when I'm in SF, but I have to figure that stuff out and/or get a hotel for Santa Clara/Palo Alto.....(Mon and Tue nights).

How broadly are we defining San Francisco? I'm in Mountain View, near Caltrain. I'd be delighted to host you on Wed and Thurs evenings. Mon or Tues might be possible pending rest of household agreement. (Are you coming in directly from Boston on Monday? Be funny if we were on the same flight...)

If you're willing to pay a moderate amount, I recommend the rental room of some friends of mine. I've known Francisco for 15 years and Merav for about six: It's a nice, private room with them and their 5-year-old son in a condo in the heart of The Mission (Folsom near 24th). http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/23721

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