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pussies and fags

[Warning: foul language and very little compassion ahead.]

When I grew up the worst possible thing a boy could be is either a pussy or a fag. Let me be clear, these have (or had) very specific meanings."pussy" was a weakling; a person that didn't fight back because they couldn't fight back. A "fag" was an effeminate boy, or what today we would call a boy that is not gender conformative. There is a very important distinction here: pussies don't hold their ground, don't fight back, don't take a stand, etc. Fags are only bad because, well, they're acting like girls and girls are second class citizens, not worthy of respect; so if you are acting like one you deserve any mockery you receive.

When I was young if you were a pussy you were automatically be a fag, and if you were a fag you were automatically a pussy.

When these two terms can't be equated it causes social confusion. As evidence I submit Eddie Murphy's first comedy album. He points out that faggots are now going to the gym and getting all full of muscles. They can beat you up. He is, essentially, pointing out that we can no longer conflate (merge) or confuse the terms pussy and fags: fags that work out at the gym are just fags, not pussies. It was confusing enough to most people to be funny.

The opposite, of course, is the Macho Man. A Macho Man is a guy that is neither a pussy or a fag. A Macho Man is a real man: Stands up for what he believes (not a pussy) and acts manly (not a fag). Ironically back then nobody knew that The Village People were all gay (you didn't talk about homosexuality in polite company), and singing, "Macho Macho Man, I want to be a Macho Man" was a defiant song about the straight community's ignorance about the butch/leather side of the gay community.

When Republicans successfully shut down any debate about ending the war in Iraq or Afganistan by using the term "cut and run" what they were really saying is "don't be such a pussy". And since if you are a pussy you are automatically a fag, basically they were reminding us all that they think Democrats are all fags. (Obviously they haven't heard Eddie Murphy's first album.)

So why am I writing all this?

Well, a few weeks ago an Arkansas school board member resigned after making anti-gay statements. Obviously stating that "I also enjoy the fact that [gay people] often give each other aids and die." around the time that four LGBT teens had committed suicide wasn't a smart thing.

He resigned.

There was a lot of media coverage. Even George Takei made a video telling off Clint McCance (the ex-board member). Not just telling him off, but pointing out that many anti-gay loud-mouths later come out of the closet. Mr. Takei basically said, "I'm keeping an eye on you."

But nobody pointed out the obvious, so I guess its my job:

Clint McCance didn't stand up for what he believed in. He cut and run. I thought that's what liberals do! Isn't that what assholes like McCance would say?

So, dear reader, I hope you appreciate that it is with much ironic pleasure that I say:

Clint McCance is a pussy.

And, of course, since everyone knows that all pussies are automatically fags, I guess it must be hard for him to live with himself.

Compassion for the pathetic little worm? Well, maybe some other day.

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(Deleted comment)
especially boys with a pussy!

I realize my parents exposed me to some unconventional movie choices as a kid but I thought the leather daddy caricature was played for laughs even when we were quite young. Likewise I thought most mildly sophisticated adults were in on the Village People "joke".

Meanwhile, one of the idiots at the American "Family" Association thinks the Medal of Honor is being given to too many pussies. (Apparently "heal the sick" Jesus gets out of pussy-dom because he vanquished sin.)



If McCance kills himself after being bullied for making the statements he did ...

... how should all the anti-bullying yayas feel? Did they succeed? Did they fail?

I think I love you.

From a person with a pussy who ain't no pussy.

Thank you for writing it...

I thought most everybody back then knew or at least suspected that the members of the Village People were gay. I knew, and I was rather sheltered.

Using the term "pussy" as an insult is basically saying "You are a man who is acting like a woman, and everyone knows women are weak."

Of course, the people who call men pussies are usually ones I can knock into next week without even using my cane.

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