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Jon Runyan

Jon Runyan

Jon Runyan is the Republican candiate for NJ-3.

Jon Runyan is medocre, a bully, and one of the dirtiest players. Every year NFL players vote on the meanest, nastiest and dirtiest players in the league, and Runyan ranked near the top of that list in every single season that he played.

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Too bad his opponent is John Adler. I gave money to Adler last time, and encouraged others to do likewise. After his healthcare vote, announced when the outcome was uncertain and it was probably the most important House vote to come down the wire in a generation, I got off that bus and won't be back for quite some time.

If control of the House weren't realistically at stake, I'd vote for a leftish 3rd party candidate if I lived in the district. As is, provided the polling at the end shows this race as competitive, I'd vote for Adler. But any time or money resources beyond that can be better spent on candidates like Rush Holt and Linda Greenstein.

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