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Two Movie Reviews

This weekend we watched "Going the Distance" and thought it was great.

We also watched on DVD the film "The Invention of Lying" and OMG it was great.

I highly recommend them both.

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I saw the latter on cable a couple of nights ago and was pleasantly surprised: Ricky Gervais, *not* being an irritating twit. And it's kind of sweet without being saccharine.

Coo, the two people who liked it in one post.

Desperately unfunny.

Oh, I didn't say it was funny. The only thing he's done that I've really liked was Seona Dancing, and that was a long time ago and probably a highly niche taste.

Alas, I expect romcoms to be at least a bit funny.

Extras and the original Office are both funny, and I also like his stand-up, but his film work is 'annoying'.

I really hated The Office and Extras, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the American remake of the former was actually *funny*.

His short bit in an episode of _Louie_ was about the right amount -- he was still annoying, but in a context and dose where that worked for me.

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