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Who I'm voting for on Tuesday

Tuesday is the Bloomfield Democrats primary. It is a race between “Line A” (the party machine: corrupt and crazy), and “Line B” (the reformers, crazy and inexperienced). I attended the debate a few weeks ago and I’ve been trying to keep up with the news. Here’s who I want to win: Mayor:
  • Pat Spychala (line B)
  • Michael Venezia (line A)  -Extremely knowledgeable and experienced
  • Patricia Barker (line B) -A biologist with a track record of fixing town problems
  • Richard Rockwell (line B)  -openly gay (automatically gets my vote, but he also has useful experience with running non-profits in a way that doesn’t bicker... something this town needs)
  • If I could vote for one more council person, it would be Carlos Pomares (line B) because he’s new to the town and we need fresh thinking.
For County Committee:
  • I’m voting for Line B because I want new blood.