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“It’s amazing to see the impact that one company can have for all sorts of other people,” he said. “When a plane crashes, you don’t just shut down every airline in the fleet until you find out what happened.”

Will the pilots that read my LJ confirm that?

I assume that when a crash is caused by a defect in a particular model, all planes of that model are taken out of the air. Airplanes that are similar models are inspected and can’t fly until they are proven safe.

Until the oil industry can prove that they aren’t using the same damn technology for deep water drilling, they should all be stopped.

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Yes, but only after root cause analysis identifies a specific technology or component as being the cause, and assesses the risk of similar failure in like equipment.

Also, when you find out that nobody knew, nor knows now, how to deal with a "low-probability, high-impact" event like this one, then yes - you eliminate the risk of a repeat event until you have a plan that can be expected to work.

The IPAA president's analogy would fit better if commercial airliners had nuclear power plants.

The Alaska Airlines flight #261 that crashed off the coast of Los Angeles. That model had a stripped gear in the tail (forget which) and yeah, they grounded all of those models until they checked them out.


"In the years following the crash, Alaska Airlines removed all of their MD-80 aircraft from service, and now have an all Boeing 737 fleet."

When was the last time you flew a DC-10?

Considering that they stopped making the DC-10 in 1989 I'd be surprised if any US airline still used them.

When 9/11 happened we grounded all the planes until we got the situation sorted out.

When the volcano erupted in Iceland we grounded all the planes until we got that situation sorted out.

When one of many many offshore, deep-water oil rigs begins spewing oil all over the Gulf of Mexico we don't shut down all the other disasters-waiting-to-happen. No, instead we complain that the President's temporary moratorium on expanded off-shore drilling is reactionary and counter-productive.

I wish Obama had more flare for drama, but then causing a temporary spike in gasoline prices would be inconvenient for the short-term agenda of staying in office. The American way of life is non-negotiable: no sacrifices to our short-term comfort for our long-term security.

Yeah . . . /RANT. (Thanks, i needed that.)

Sorry I'm late to the party.....haven't been reading LJ in awhile.

9/11 is a very poor analogy. A hostile group was attacking our country and intentionally killing innocent people. Unless you can show that Auric Goldfinger (or someone like him) was down there blowing up the wellhead then I hardly think the situations are comparable in any way.

The volcano presented a well known hazard to aircraft. There are documented cases of volcanic ash ruining airplanes in flight and shutting down all engines (KLM 867 and BA 9). Besides, the decision to ground airplanes in Europe after the eruption of Mount Eyjafjallajökull wasn't by our government.

Do you think that emergency airworthiness directives (those are the things that ground airplanes until specific repairs are made) aren't met with complaints from the industry? There are always cries that the FAA has overreacted and that profits will be impacted, etc. Human nature is the same in any industry. Drastic measures like these are always a balance. There's always a risk of doing too much or not doing enough. And those impacted will never agree with the decision no matter what it is.

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