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The Lamplight Inn on SNL

Tina Fey hosted SNL last season but I missed it. They re-ran the episode last night and in the last scene they showed the exterior of the bar that the sketch was (fictionally) taking place in. (the sketch at the end, where Tina Fey played a 9 inch hooker). C pointed out that the photo looked familar, and I had the same exact feeling. After a little searching C found it on the web:

Check it out! It's real!

Yup, it was the Lamplight Inn in Elizabeth, NJ!

One of the cool things about living near where SNL is filmed means they often use exterior shots or town names of places I've been. I remember years ago a sketch that took place in a school room was set in "Laffayette Middle School, Morristown, NJ". That was my school in 6th grade!