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Top 10 reasons to quit facebook


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Yeah, I hate facebook for similar reasons, but many of my friends have abandoned LJ for facebook.

Out of curiosity, are you planning to quit Facebook?

I am considering it. I don't use it now except occasionally.

I pretty much stopped using Facebook for anything other than playing games when my account there got hacked. They have security holes in that mess that are a mile wide.

Anyway, for social networking, I follow the somewhat paranoid rules of military security: if you don't want everybody to know it, don't tell it to anybody.

I kind of like fb for keeping abreast of people not in my immediate every-day social network. However, I don't give it any of my personal information, or play with their apps. It's also a very broken user interface, which makes it annoying even for the stuff I actually do there. I'll probably pay as much attention to it while it still does the things I like, as I ever do any social media. Scan it a couple of times a day or maybe a couple of times a week if I'm busy.

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