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You know how non-computer people listen to computer people and don't understand? Ever here someone say, "I know you are speaking English but I don't understand a word you are saying."

Here's the entertainment industry equivalent:


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So, I stopped about halfway through because I have a paper to write, but I have to say that I actually understood what he was saying.

The word choice was a odd, and he was certainly verbing nouns that I would not have, but he was talking about mass customization, how social media might detract from Big Content, and how Big Content has to reach out into the social media in order that people both start with and return to Big Content.

I will grant the possibility that business school has warped my fragile little mind. :)

That's um, that's incredible.

I understood what he was saying ... was it really that hard?

I guess the real problem is the average American adult's vocabulary stops growing at about age 15. Most adults can't be spoken to like actual adults, because they just don't possess the vocabulary.

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