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I have an original iPhone. The camera is failing, the CPU is slow, the memory is rather full.

Upgrades to the iPhone 3GS is only $199.

Should I upgrade now, or wait for the new model in June?

I think I should wait.

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You could just hang out in Redmond City and buy beers for anyone with an Apple ID, in hopes they forget theirs..

Although the new one takes a different-shaped SIM card, so the upgrade might not be easy.

Apple have decided to create a new sized SIM?? If I were a lawyer, I would be rubbing my hands now.

It's not an Apple creation, but almost nobody else uses it.

Nobody else in the US. My (handwavy, possibly incorrect) understanding is that it's a little more widespread in europe/asia. Anyway, it's an official standard.

Wait. If the device that Gizmodo got their hands on is anything at all close to the final shipping hardware, you want it.

The article I found in Gizmodo (the disassembly) doesn't say anything about features. :-(

Nutshell as best I remember it...
* Faster CPU
* User facing camera (!)
* Couldn't understand, but also a FF camera with an LED flash (yay)
* Redesigned vol buttons that seem to point to an easy way to trigger the camera
* Higher resolution screen
* New case design (which I like)

Also remember that when there's a new model, all the older models usually drop $100 or so. So even if you go with a GS, you'll get it cheaper.

I'd wait. For the sake of a couple of months it doesn't seem worth winding up with an "old" model that probably won't be able to do something nifty the new one will.

Wait until there's a jailbreak.

I really couldn't stand my iPhone 3G until I jailbroke it. But now that I have the Nexus One, I've really never looked back.

I'd wait. You either want the new one (based on gizmodo, probably yes) or the discounts on the current one. I plan to get one in June, and I'll probably go with the 3GS which will be a significant upgrade from my qwerty keyboard texing phone, depending on the cost of the new model.

Android not enough for you?

(not baiting, honestly curious, as I've been looking to get a new smartphone)

I have an Android N1 but I use my iPhone. I'll switch when Android has something as good as Appigo Todo

You don't like GotToDo? I've found it a very able replacement.


Definitely wait, but consider buying a 3GS rather than the new model. Price of the 3GS will likely drop quickly once the "must have new shiny" crowd start selling off their year-old "obsolete" handsets.

As another option, install Android on the 2G phone and add frequent crashing to its other lovely features.

Yep, wait. Among other things, I suspect that future moves to a non-AT&T carrier may only work on the new phone.

I'm in a similar situation. I think I should wait until June, and everyone I talk to agrees I should wait. So I think you should wait too. :)

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