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Are you a sysadmin?

Then register for PICC, damn it! Register now or face the "at the door" price increase!

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For the sake of the exercise I'll ask the obvious: what benefit does this have for people who aren't NJ peers?

I actually will be in eastern Pennsylvania at the time but have other obligations.

Well, the most obvious is the training. Friday's training brings nationally-known trainers to NJ, so you don't have to spend zillions getting to national conferences. Check the schedule... the topics vary. Saturday is mostly speakers and presentations. Often people come back from a conference and find they are "the smartest person in the room" because they've been exposed to topics that are very cutting edge, that their coworkers haven't seen yet.

Those are my top 2 reasons. How did I do?

It works for me but, in my experience, hasn't for managers; they've seen the "local" aspect and stopped there, even if the site was, arguably, local too (e.g. Philly SysAdmin Days when I was working in Scranton.)

Show them where the "nationally" recognized speakers are. Tell them that "local" only applies to the price tag.

Hell, I'm coming down from Boston to speak. So local? feh.

Not the speakers, the target audience.

Yes, I did understand your quandary.

What I'm saying is that it's not a local conference....I'm not getting paid to speak, and in fact I paid for my own membership to the conference -- the same $250 as everyone else (well, my company is reimbursing me).

If it's worth it for *my* company to have me *attend* as well as speak -- my company does remote database management, but DBA work is closely tied with SA work a lot of the time........anyway, if a database administrator from Boston finds value, an SA from Philly definitely should as well.

I understood what you were saying as well. Where I'm having difficulty is how to convince my management of that - that their perception of it only having localized value is wrong.

When Philly SA days happened I was working in Scranton, which is a few hours from Philly but Philly is considered one of the nearest major cities. I definitly saw the value but couldn't figure out how to convince my manager of it. I saw the value enough to attend anyhow even though it meant covering the cost myself and using my vacation time.

Right, and what I am saying is that one way to convince management is to point out who else is finding value from it - I could just go for the day I'm speaking, do my talk, and leave. Instead, my employer recognizes the value of me *attending*.

I've found the best way to convince managers is to point out that the "competition" is going. Even if you don't have direct competition, there are industry leaders that your manager looks up to -- when I was an SA at Tufts, our managers would always ask "What would Harvard do?"

Even with the community aspect - just because you meet smart people in a different state doesn't mean you can't learn from them after the event. That's what IRC/IM is for.

Some interesting "food for thought" there. I do see where you're going with that now. I have no sense of that as, if my manager does, he doesn't ever express it (at least hasn't where I've been a party to it.)

So agreed about IRC and IM, which is why I dislike not being able to do either from work at my current job.

Now that this discussion has gotten me thinking about it, I realized I most likely fell for a diversion. There's little doubt that conferences like LISA are nationally recognized, but I couldn't get approval for that, either - never got denied, just got the push-off routine.

This has only seemed to apply to anything with a conference element. I've had training approved without trouble, but if there's a conference attached, the answer has been "no."

ah! Well then you just have to call it the "PICC training conference". :)

Ha! Well, I would if PICC were possible. I have to travel from NC to PA on that Friday for a wedding Saturday.

Ok OK OK!!!

You've already said you can't go that weekend. STOP TALKING ABOUT THE CAKE!!!

Spectacular! Point taken; I'm filing away the advice for getting approval for PICC 2. :-)

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