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Digital beats analog

I switched my Tivo from using the "IR blasters" to a serial connection. OMG it works so much better! You don't even have to go through the whole "testing" sequence. It just knows it works.

This is one of the best, little-known, reasons for switching from Comcast to Verizon FiOS!

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Not that I have any love for comcast, but I've been using the serial connector with my comcast box for years.

You should just upgrade to one the new TiVo Premiere units (or a used HD Tivo). If you use cablecard, you don't even have a box to talk to. :-)

My TivoHD has a CableCard and is great. I totally agree.

No reason to upgrade the other Tivo just yet, especially now that the serial cable works so well.

That's why I bought a DirecTiVo way back when. (Now, of course, I'm stuck with a stupid NDS-based DVR until DirecTV ships the TiVo-based MPEG-4 DVRs that were due "second half 2009".)

I gave back my cable box and hooked my mac laptop to my TV via the DVI. It looks amazing! Now I watch everything via iTunes or any website that has the shows I watch for free. I love it. Ok, this is only in my bedroom, the "family" TV still has cable, but I'm working on getting rid of that too. :>)

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