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I love comic strips


I begin nearly every day reading them.

They are publishing old Foxtrot, Bloom County, and Peanuts one per day, and I'm getting to catch all the ones I missed. The Peanuts ones are up to 1962 and it is amazing to read what he was saying back then.

I wish there was a searchable archive of old strips. There is a Dilbert that I've been looking for. The boss announces that they're going to use aroma therapy in the office because study found that a scent like lemon has been proven to make people more alert. Dilbert responds, "That doesn't smell like lemon!" and the boss replies, "You're easier to manage when you aren't alert."

A searchable Peanuts archive would let me find all the "Mad Punter" strips. Or all the ones with Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown.

Wouldn't that be great?

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Um, yes, searchable graphics would be great in general, even. Is this a plug for what your company is working on?

No plug. Just something I want.


I did a Topeka Search for {Dilbert searchable archive} and found http://www.bfmartin.ca/finder/

You are a GOD! Thank you!

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