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In all seriousness...

The Republicans lost o this one and they are starting to see that their strategy of being "the party of no" isn't working. At least some are suggesting an alternative: Read this. Really.

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Both parties are going to be wondering about their fringes come November. The Democrats do seem to have done a good job of reining them in and cutting deals towards the party's center. It does seem rather mercenary when some of those deals put things the party calls rights into the back seat, but one has to see they have finally learned how to get things done.

Okay, I read it. Why do you think it's important?



I think it shows an honest analysis that reveals the Republican's current Achilles heel.

The rush to be more ideologically purer than thou on this, and various other issues, certainly does not help them appeal to half the population. But they do not need to.

The elections in November are going to be particularly interesting.

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