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The Amazing Randi comes out


Good for him. 70 years old and finally faaaabulous!

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Er, didn't Uri Geller out him in one of his many nuisance lawsuits back in the 90s?

(And... I'm kinda with Dan Savage on this one. You don't get much of a cookie for finally officially coming out in 2010. 40 years ago, it was an act of bravery. 30 years ago, ditto. 20 years ago, not so much bravery as necessity. 10 years ago, what took you so long? Now? Jesus, welcome the the party and all, but where the hell were you when it mattered?)

Like when I was in jr. high in 1969 or so and hanging out at my friend Fred's house, whose father also named Fred was a good friend of James Randi who dropped by now and then and who was full of fun and energy. And it would have mattered a LOT if he had been out at the time.

I'm not really sure how that could have happened, really, or what it even would have meant for him to be out in such a way that his friend's kid's friend would have known about it, but the whole issue of the world I lived in back then comes flooding back over me when I read things like this in a way that's far more personal than bits of news like this usually are.

81 I think. I'm glad he finally came out, and it's a good reality check that ,yes, things are better now. Great? No. Perfect? No. But definitely better

I've known about his scientific debunking work for many years, yet didn't know this. I think it IS an act of bravery to come out. For him, it seems to be a way to merge his personal and professional life and that definitely matters. Good for him!

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