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A little geek humor I put together


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(Deleted comment)
hey, i read a paper of yours yesterday ! something in there about my mother being really nice or something. made me giggle

it was on, um, oh, setting up ntp

You look great! And that was funny.
I explain (to myself) that Zeno's thingie is dumb b/c stuff does not actually happen by halves. It's like a straw man. What do you say?

According to wikipedia it has real implications in physics and other disciplines.

I read that entry and I don't see the implications. I see that physics has tried to "solve" the "paradox" by doing all the math involved. The underlying assumptions of Zeno's paradox still remain and are refuted in a number of ways, including that there are not necessarily an infinite number of points or processes between points A and B.

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