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Eye-Fi card

I've ordered an Eye-Fi card so my camera can geotag and dload pics without a cable. http://tr.im/P3FQ or via Picasa http://tr.im/P3FY

Your camera thinks it is a 2G memory card. However, it has a WiFi thingie built in and your Mac or PC sees it as a computer it can download pictures from. The advanced cards have an "infiniite memory" mode where it is always downloading to your computer, freeing up space for more pictures.

Their comparison chart defaults to only showing "featured models" but when I clicked on "Show all" I found a page that listed the exact combination of features that I wanted: Free geo tagging for life and basically nothing else.

As cameras get bigger and bigger memories I download the photos less and less often. I recently found 1+ year old photos that hadn't been copied to my computer. That means if the camera was lost, stolen, or broken I would have lost those photos. Someday a device like this should just notice when it is near a WiFi hotspot and magically start uploading the photos to an online service like Picasa or Flickr without any manual intervention. The most expensive model has all the features to permit that (including a $14.99/year service that gets "free" wifi at major hotel and other hotspots) but at $149.99, + $14.99/year (first year "free"), I'm willing to do it manually.

I bet the "Pro X2" model will be a lot cheaper in a few years, when I'm ready to buy a new camera.

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Hi! I would love to geotag my photos, but the explanation of geotagging on the chart you linked to says it uses WiFi Positioning Service, which suggests that it geotags the picture with where it was *uploaded* rather than where it was taken. In my case, that wouldn’t be very useful, except for knowing the general region vacation photos were taken. Is that your understanding, or is the thing constantly looking for nearby hotspots even whenever you’re taking pictures even if it can’t 'associate with them, and if so, what does that mean for the battery life in your camera? [Edit: Yes, it is. So it would mostly do what I want, modulo draining the batteries.]

Also, do you happen to know how the models that support sharing let you choose which photos to share and which not? Since it just looks like a memory card to the camera I don’t see how there can be any UI for that, unless it’s a web page you access from a PC when you get home.

Thanks for the link! I may get one of these just for the convenience of not having to pull the card out of my camera to transfer photos, even if the geotagging and sharing models can’t do what I’d want.

None of them support choosing pictures; since there's no room for a UI on an SD card there's no way to communicate that. It's all or nothing, though i suppose you could set them all to private and make public the ones you want to share.

I expect that in a few years most cameras will have some sort of wireless built in and many will have GPS. Still, the eye-fi is pretty awesome "We live in the future" tech.

i can't even keep up with technology lately.

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