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We're fucked

(and not in a good way)

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

Sounds to me like the best job opportunities in the U.S. are going to be corner crack dealer and self-owned companies that don't require a small business loan to get started. Hmm... and loan shark for the small businesses that need a loan to get started.

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Oh great. Since I've recently made the transition from "blissfully idle" to "would prefer to be working", everything I read along these lines worries me.

And the hell of it is that we're trying very hard to hire people for systems work. Or devs. We just can't find them, except for H1B's.

I think the real issue is that most of them that are looking are via recruiters, and we aren't paying those, right now. At this point, if you're looking for a job, you do it via your network, or a recruiter, if you're worth a darn...

Should be interesting...

(that was a very interesting article. I graduated in 99, and got hit in the recession. I should be down hard, but I suspect I'm recovering nicely due to few factors. On the other hand, they predict that based on the "elite" education. Oh well..)

"It will leave an indelible imprint on many blue-collar white men—and on white culture."

are you serious?

I want to believe that's speaking out of stats, and I have to admit I can kind of see it, especially as part of the rural/small town landscape (whether it's appropriate to call that "white culture" anymore is debatable...semi-rural areas are definitely more diverse than they were in my childhood, but I don't know to what degree there is really cultural integration).

So, yeah... white males and white culture in the US might have a little taste of the lack of privilege of non-white cultured people for a change. Now we must DO something!!!!

America's greatness is built on entrepreneurial ambition - this has never changed. Small biz loans have always been laughable. Either start a zero-cost startup biz (there's plenty) or raise the funds independently.

We're no more fucked than we were yesterday, sadly. What this world needs is a lot more fucking.

Edited at 2010-02-17 12:23 am (UTC)

Really? Zero-cost startup?

How would you, say, start any of these businesses "zero cost":

Sandwich shop
Solar panel sales/installation

I have tons of unemployed friends that would gladly start any of those three if it had zero startup cost.


Sorry, I didn't say "you can start up any business with zero start-up cost" - I said "start up a zero-cost startup biz (there's plenty)" - there are businesses that can be started up with zero or very minimal cost.

They're not necessarily easy, or risk-free, or guaranteed to succeed. But, success isn't about not failing, it's about not giving up.

Of course they aren't risk-free, but please tell me your ideas. I'll forward them to my average education, African-American friends and see their reaction. Think of it as a science experiment. :)

There's lots of possibilities, but they depend on education, location, season, skill set and experience.

In areas where people use wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, offers to split and stack wood for people - on their property, using their axe, etc. - could be a business, for example.

It's important to distinguish between "zero cost" and "zero expense" - no business operates with zero expenses, but many can be started with no or very little (under $1,000) initial cost.

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