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Spread this to your friends in New Jersey

[ Bcc'ed to a few mailing lists. Please forward this to people you know that live and work in New Jersey ]

Do you work in New Jersey? Let your "IT guy/gal" know how much you appreciate them this Valentines day!

Send this to them, or better yet, open a ticket at your helpdesk with this text!

(And if you really like them, CC: their boss!)

8< ---------- cut here ---------- >8

Happy Valentines Day to my favorite computer system administrator:

You only hear from me
when my computer is blue.
So this Valentine's Day
I'm saying "Thank you!"

I admit my computer problems,
like it's a reality-show confessional.
But you hide your frown,
and act very professional.

I think that you're great!
I know I'm a pest!
But I bring my troubles to you,
because you're the best!

Some roses are red,
some roses are pink.
No candy this year,
but my card's at this link:

Thank you for everything you do! Happy Valentine's Day!


(your name here)

8< ---------- cut here ---------- >8

(Please pass this on to all your friends in New Jersey!)

This campaign is brought to you by EverythingSysadmin.com and LOPSA-NJ (picconf.org).

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So if I send this does it mean I don't have to bake them cookies this year?

Yes. I take good care of them and they take (very) good care of me. Guess who is getting a souped up new computer and big monitor next week :)

(Actually, I think I bought the Dunkin' Donuts last year but I have baked cookies and such in the past.)

Edited at 2010-02-08 05:50 pm (UTC)

Ok, here's my official decision.

1. You have to still bake for them.
2. You have to encourage them to come to the conference, and submit a proposal to speak about how they are able to be so awesome.

Officially yours,

I used to bribe mine preemptively. I'd bring them snacks/cookies at random times with the understanding that I'd get help when I needed it quickly and without attitude. Win-win solution!

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